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Grand Knight’s Report

Greeting Brother Knights. Here we are with the start of a new fraternal year and here is the news:

Supreme H.Q. has initiated a new program called “Faith In Action” which is replacing “Surge With Service”. The new program is designed to create a dynamic Parish Based council and create a spiritual renewal of Family, Council and Parish Life. Please visit the website for a detailed explanation of new endeavor.

A planning meeting will be held prior to the business meeting on Sept. 5th any time after 6:15 to 7:00 p.m. I urge all members who have any input they wish to bring forward to attend. The agenda for the business meeting will be set at that time so that the business meeting will run as smoothly as possible.

The tootsie roll drive held this past spring netted $1,798.96 which is to be divided up among four worthy organizations in the amount of $449.74 each. Many thanks to all members who helped in this project especially Jim & Dorreen Dolan who carried most of the work load.

A blood drive was held on Aug. 9th which yielded a collection of 39 units of whole blood. Our next drive is Oct. 18th. Please consider donating if possible.

We are still in need of men to fill the Programming, Family, Faith, and Life Director positions as in regard to “Faith In Action” program.

The annual K of C charity fundraiser is now going on. We need your help in selling raffle tickets to friends, family and coworkers. Also, will need help in covering ticket sales at the end of Masses on Sept. 22 & 23. Please contact me for details and raffle tickets.

Installation of new officers will take place at the Sept. business meeting. All officers are requested to be dressed in shirt and tie.

A new feature, with this issue, is being added to our monthly newsletter. I have asked our Chaplain, Fr Von, to write articles reflecting on issues relevant to our Church and faith. His first submission appears in this issue.

In closing, I would like to make mention that pizza and soft drinks will be served after our upcoming business meeting . I hope to continue this at future meetings. Hope to see you all there.


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